The Export Industrial Extension Project (PEIEX) is an instrument of structural character to the sectors and reinforcement of Brazil’s export base.

The objective of PEIEX is to stimulate competitiveness and promote export culture in companies, qualifying and expanding markets for new industries in Foreign Trade.

It is intended, through industrial export extension actions, to provide the engagement of companies in the effort to build a shared development strategy between companies and support institutions, both governmental and non-governmental, with the objective of raising the standard of competitiveness.

PEIEX’s actions take place in locations where there is a concentration of business, ranging from the implementation of management solutions, which depend only on the entrepreneur himself and his available resources, to actions related to information and access to markets, which are external processes.

How it works?

PEIEX offers companies a free diagnosis with the objective of later developing the work, presenting solutions in order to impact on their competitive performance. At the same time, the project signals to the economic agents the medium and long term effort that must be undertaken in order to operate changes in the competitiveness standard of the region served, based on management work.

Who manages PEIEX?

We manage PEIEX and its operating environment is called Operational Nucleus (NO) – units installed in different regions in the Brazilian states responsible for providing services to companies. Each core is composed of a coordinator, a monitor, extension technicians with multidisciplinary knowledge and trainees.

What is the role of the extension technician?

The extension technician is a specialist with higher education and post-graduate who advises the company in the phases of first visit, diagnosis, implementation of improvements and evaluation.

At the diagnostic stage, the entrepreneur receives a report that identifies the company’s competitive forces and areas that need improvement, as they constitute threats to competitiveness.

How can your company participate in PEIEX?

The first step is to request a visit from the technical team of the nearest Operational Nucleus. In this first visit to the company, a registration form will be available and will be explained in detail, how the company can benefit from participating in the project.

What is the business counterpart?

The entrepreneur must be available for checking procedures and controls in all areas of the company and for interviews with PEIEX extension technicians. Also important is their participation in the training meetings to improve the management of processes and products. The work of the extension technician does not generate financial burden for the company.

Contact: Executive Superintendence of Foreign Trade

Phone: 3201- 5419

Contact: William Leyser O’Dwyer