PRODUZIR is a Government of the State of Goiás Program that encourages the implantation, expansion or revitalization of industries, stimulating the realization of investments, the technological renovation and the increase of the state competitiveness with emphasis on the generation of employment, income and reduction of social inequalities and regional levels.

The program grants fiscal benefits (credit granted) and tax incentives (ICMS financing), finances 73% of the ICMS, and can reach up to 98% of ICMS in the West and Northeast regions of Goiás.

In the policy of attraction of investments, the Program is subdivided into PRODUZIR / MICROPRODUZIR (Incentive to the industrialization), CENTROPRODUZIR (Incentive to the distribution center), COMEXPRODUZIR (Incentive to the export), LOGPRODUZIR (Incentive to the logistics).

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