Goiás More Competitive and Innovative is a program of development of the competitiveness and improvement of the public management in the State of Goiás that covers all the areas of governmental action and has as its focus the improvement of social indicators that positively affect the quality of life of the citizen.


For the composition of the axes, important aspects were prioritized for the competitiveness in which Goiás still needs to advance when compared to the other Brazilian states. The analysis was based on objective and measurable indicators from official sources and from the perception of managers of the top state administration. The result of the survey was consolidated in the documents Situational Diagnosis of Goiás and Report of Interviews with Government Executives..

For the Situational Diagnosis, more than 170 indicators were analyzed, considering a historical series of 10 years, taking as a reference the position of Goiás in relation to the other 26 units of the federation, the Central-West region and Brazil. The Interview Report, on the other hand, brings the perception of the Governor and 23 public managers who hold positions of direction in state administration bodies on the challenges for the competitiveness of Goiás.


The program aims to position Goiás among the most competitive states of the country in the next three years, considering the competitiveness rankings released by Macroplan and CLP, through the execution of projects that aim at the best performance of some finalistic indicators selected as strategic for the government.

In addition, it seeks to promote a better allocation of public resources, by prioritizing actions and projects that have an immediate impact on the lives of citizens and that influence the performance of prioritized strategic indicators.

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