Administrative procedure by which the competent environmental agency permits the location, installation, expansion and operation of enterprises and activities that use environmental resources, considered as effective or potentially polluting or those that in any way may cause environmental degradation, considering the legal and Regulations and technical standards applicable to the case.

The Public Power, in the exercise of its controlling powers, will issue the following licenses:

I – Preliminary License (PL) – granted in the preliminary phase of the planning of the enterprise or activity, approving its location and design, certifying the environmental feasibility and establishing the basic requirements and conditions to be met in the next phases of its implementation;

II – Installation License (IL) – authorizes the installation of the undertaking or activity in accordance with the specifications contained in the approved plans, programs and projects, including the environmental control measures and other constraints, of which they are a determining factor;

III – Operation License (OL) – authorizes the operation of the activity or undertaking, after verification of the effective compliance with what is stated in the previous licenses, with the environmental control measures and conditioners determined for the operation.

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