Goiás Fomento (Goiás Development Agency) was created by   State Law Nº 13.533 1999 and is a closed corporation with mixed capital, a financial institution of the state of Goiás, its controlling shareholder. It began with an investing capital of R$ 70 million and currently has a net equity of R$ 109 million.

Goiás Fomento main objective is contribute to the acceleration of Goiás sustainable socioeconomic development supporting new  investments,  generation of jobs and income, the modernization of productive structures, competitiveness increase and the reduction of regional and sectorial inequalities through the extension of  credit in favorable conditions.

In addition to Goiás Fomento role financing loans to small, middle and micro businessmen and individual entrepreneurs with sums that reach up to R$ 2 million, resorting to its own funds and those transferred by the FCO (Mid-West Constitutional Fund), the BNDES (Brazilian Economic and Social Development Bank) and CRÉDITO PRODUTIVO, there is also its mandate as the Financial Agent for Goiás Industrial Development Funds: PRODUZIR, FOMENTAR and FUNMINERAL.

Goiás Fomento also works in partnership with SEBRAE (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service)   in the qualification of entrepreneurs, providing training aimed to the modernization and betterment of business management, in an attempt to improve the administration of those companies granted with the loans as well as the optimization of resources offered in those credit operations.

Goiás Fomento covers almost all the state territory with the cooperation of its entrepreneurial partners and City Halls.  They offer administrative infrastructure and support in order to form a network throughout the State, acting as agents of intermediation for the financial operations, developing proposals and helping with bureaucratic procedures until the loan contracts signature and release of funds.


“To work with excellence in the supplying of funds

to support development and reduction

of social and regional inequalities”

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