Bolsa Futuro Inovador is a professional qualification program that includes all the actions of Professional and Technological Education, developed in the State of Goiás by the Secretariat of Economic Development (SED). The actions are carried out through the Itego Network, composed of the Technological Institutes of Goiás (Itegos) and the Technological Colleges (Cotecs). Beneficiaries of the program, from low-income families and the community at large, receive a financial contribution.

The units of the Itego Network are prepared to offer superior courses of technology, technical courses of medium level, qualification and professional qualification in the face and distance modalities. They also carry out actions for technological development and innovation, in order to meet the market demands aligned with the Local Productive Arrangements (APLs) and / or economic orientation of the region, in the area covered by the professional education units.

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