produzirPRODUZIR is the Government of the State of Goiás Program that encourages the implantation, expansion or revitalization of industries, stimulating the realization of investments, the technological renovation and the increase of the state competitiveness with emphasis on the generation of employment, income and reduction of social and Regional authorities. Microproduction is a subprogram of Produzir for micro and small companies, where the invoicing does not exceed the limit set for the framework in the National Simples.

How do they work?

They act in the form of financing a monthly installment of ICMS due by the beneficiary companies, making the cost of production cheaper and their products more competitive in the market.

The terms of benefit benefit vary according to the analysis of the project priority coefficients, calculated according to social and economic criteria, specified in regulation.

See the synthetic picture of Produce and Microproduct:

Conditions Produzir Microproduzir Observation
Framework Medium and large company and economic group. Micro and small business.
Annual billing Above the limit set for framing in the Simples Nacional. Up to the limit set for framing in the Simples Nacional.
Ceiling of ICMS Up to 73% and 98% for the West and Northeast regions of Goiás Up to 90%
Financing deadlines Priority Priority Annex I (Produzir) and Annex IV (Microproduzir) Dec. No. 5.265 / 00IV (Microproduzir) Dec. nº 5265/00
7 years 2 3 years 2
15 years 3 ou 4 5 years 3 ou 4
Limited to 2040
Interest 2.4% a.a. 2.4% a.a. Non-capitalizable
Projects Requires complete project, with an economist’s signature regularized in CORECON / GO – 18th region. Simplified project, in standard model, does not need economist. Project template available at
Forms of payment Normal Gathering 27% of ICMS on TARE for the State Treasury 10% of ICMS on TARE, in
Standard template.
Anticipation 10% on the monthly value of ICMS financed of 73%. 5% on the monthly value of ICMS used of 90%. Payments at the time of use.
ICMS The accumulated debit balance for the year will have a 12-month grace period and will be paid with reduction through the discount factors, up to 100%. Discount factors: contained in Annex II (Produzir) and Annex V (Microproduzir) Decree no. 5265/00. Instructions for auditing on the SED website:
Interest Paid monthly, on the balance of the ICMS installments financed
Monetary correction There is no incidence of monetary correction
Warranties 1.Aval or guarantee of the partners or directors
2.Secure guarantee
3. Real Guarantee
4. Bank Guarantee
The financial agent will choose one or more of these guarantees.
Financial Agent Fomentation Agency of Goiás S / A.